• Raise your voice—speak up for those who have no voice.
  • Get on the mailing list of your state congress people asking to be notified when human trafficking issues are being proposed;
  • Work on “understanding” the victim centered approach and have a brown bag lunch to fully discuss what this means and what is missing from this model to stop human trafficking
  • Request from your local police department information on what their investigative efforts in trafficking entail, as well as what training is available for all within their respective departments, including dispatchers, code enforcement, etc.
  • Start looking at what it means to BUY RESPONSIBLY— respecting FAIR TRADE and then think about this when you purchase as to whether other vendors may be available
  • Volunteer at a local shelter, mentor in reading programs
  • Know the indicators or red flags of potential labor and sexual trafficking victims
  • Program the national hotline number and give this number to 5 other people for them to program in their phones…1-888-3737-888
  • If you suspect someone is being trafficked, call the hot-line or your local police agency
  • Start following what the SUPPLY CHAIN means and what your local government is doing to avoid contracting with those who may be hiring trafficked children and adults
  • Inquire if the medical community and first responders need support for training on identifying victims/knowing symptoms
  • Support a fund-raising activity, in a club, service organization, work group or whatever, once a year. Combine raising awareness with giving out information and raising money for a HT anti-trafficking local cause.
  • Question sources of information that declare unreliable and unfounded statistics in a sensational way –start writing letters to the editor or news station when they oversimplify a complex problem like trafficking
  • Consider becoming a foster parent

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Video or films to consider:

  • Break the Chain (trailer) Laura Swanson
  • Some Angels Fight, Bass Creative, directed by Mark Baas, produced by Carolyn Baas, written & edited Aaron Carriere. The film features Leslie King,  CEO of Sacred Beginnings in Grand Rapids, a survivor who is recognized and sought nationally, state-wide and locally for her work opposing human trafficking.  Leslie also serves as a member of the Executive Board for MHTTF.
  • (more films and videos)

Read: Books

  • The Slave Next Door and Blood and Earth, Bales, Kevin
  • Theadbare: Clothes Sex & Trafficking, Moore, Anne (2016)
  • Girls Like Us, Lloyd, Rachel (2011)
  • (more books)

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  • “Do You Know My Name  – MSU Jazz Orchestra ,  led by Rodney Whitaker, Director  – Billy Childs, Guest Composer and pianist –  Alicia Olatuja,  Guest Vocalist
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