What the Michigan Human Trafficking Task Forces Does

Engages innumerable agencies to work together for the collaborative impact of awareness, support of prosecution of offenders, and identifying victims and putting forth every effort to assist them to become survivors

  • Fosters creation and leadership in order for regional task forces to engage within communities to best identify victims and resources for anti-trafficking efforts
  • Provides necessary funding and training for Michigan police officers
  • Creates training, education, and Train the Trainer to innumerable groups such as NGO’s, victim service providers, faith-based groups, medical providers, teachers, students, political leaders, and community groups.
  • Advocates for needed research and data collection
  • Disseminates reliable and informed data and information
  • Sponsors, organizes, and provides state-wide conferences
  • Continually assessing and disseminating transfer of new information and pronouncement of responsible education
  • Acts as an intermediary between victims working to become survivors and provides a connection to access available services
  • Actively recruits and enlists volunteers
  • Publishes on social media regularly that includes Facebook, Twitter, a Web Site and a Blog.
  • Supports a peer to peer self-help group for survivors
  • Provides research and information to legislature and other governmental entities when requested
  • Advocates a victim centered approach, and trauma informed trained professionals

Break the Silence.