A New Tool in the Fight Against Bad Data on Human Trafficking

When information on human trafficking is only a mouse click away, it is easy to get directed to bad data and harmful stereotypes that hurt rather than help anti-trafficking efforts.  The Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force is pleased to unveil its newwebsite which it hopes will be a useful resource for individuals and agencies seeking to break the silence about human trafficking. 

The mission of the MHTTF is to facilitate a collaborativeeffort to prevent trafficking of persons within the State of Michigan, to pursue prosecution of perpetrators, and to protect and actively support rehabilitation efforts for trafficking victims. 

The website explains who we are and what we do. The MHTTF engages more than 100 agencies to work together for the collaborative impact of awareness, support prosecution of offenders, and identifying victims and putting forth every effort to assist them to become survivors.

Features of the website include: clear definitions of whathuman trafficking includes as well as the warning sides and venues were it occurs, information on Michigan and Federal anti-trafficking laws, information on how to get involved in the fight against trafficking in Michigan, and usefulresources for learning more about human trafficking including videos, films, articles and books.

TAKE ACTION: Please visit the MHTTF website. Use it in your work and join us in the fight against human trafficking in Michigan.  Together we can break the silence.