human trafficking

Break the Silence! Highlights from our upcoming Conference, Human Trafficking: A Closer Look

Here are some highlights for our upcoming Human Trafficking Conference.  Join us at the Dearborn Convention Center on October 15th-16th. Survivors Speak Out–Labor and sexual victims who started the long journey to survival will recount their experiences.  They’ll describe what was of value to them along the journey and what was not as helpful. Coleen […]

Women at Risk, International

In the fight against human trafficking, it can be hard to know exactly where to begin. At first, the enormity of this injustice can be overwhelming. Women At Risk, International (WAR, Int’l) understands this. But, believe no matter who you are, or where you are in life, you can be a voice for the voiceless. […]

What Do We Do? Meet the Native American Affairs (NAA) Office

The Michigan Department of Health and HumanServices (MDHHS), Native American Affairs (NAA) office provides a broad range of services to protect, preserve and strengthen American Indian/Alaska Native families both on and off tribal lands. Native American Affairs (NAA) assists Michigan’s tribal population of approximately 130,000 with various services provided in partnership with Michigan’s federally recognized tribes, historic […]

At A Crossroads: The Genesee County Human Trafficking Task Force

The Genesee County Human Trafficking Task Force is at a crossroads today. It’s been in existence, formally meeting as a group, for almost three years.  In that time, we’ve developed a five year plan with a vision, milestones and strategic priorities. We’ve established a dues structure. We have committees and officers, a facebook page and […]

The Human Trafficking Law Clinic: What do We do?

The University of Michigan Law School’sHuman Trafficking Clinic (HTC) was established in 2009 by Clinical Law Professor and Director Bridgette Carr. HTC has three faculty members (Carr, Suellyn Scarnecchia, and Elizabeth Campbell). We are licensed attorneys who supervise student attorneys. The law school pays us to teach our students through our cases and the students […]