human trafficking

Fighting Hunger to Fight Sex Trafficking

To understand human trafficking, it is important to understand the underlying causes and risk factors. In September 2016, the Urban Institute released a study, “Impossible Choices: Teens and Food Insecurity in America.” The report reveals a link between food insecurity and sexual exploitation. Teens suffering from hunger, mostly girls, are exchanging sex for food or […]

Protecting the Safety and Confidentiality of Survivors

Collaborating with the media can be a very effective outlet for increasing public awareness about human trafficking, but it also comes with specific risks for survivors that must be considered by organizations. These include the possibility of sensationalism, misunderstanding, increasing danger for the client, re-traumatization of the client and jeopardizing the case. What follows are […]

What is $1.25 Worth? Women Prisoners in the Fight against Trafficking

We all know that awareness of human trafficking is increasing. It’s about time. Let’s talk about a population that has long known what Human Trafficking is all about:  inmates at a women’s prison. I began my career as a corrections officer for the Michigan Department of Corrections in 1989. I worked at Huron Valley Men’s […]