Welcome to the Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force (MHTTF) new BLOG, Voices of Change. My understanding is that every one-half of a second a new blog is created in the world which means in excess of millions. This blog is intended to share opinions, interests, and experiences about the myriad of issues surrounding the anti-trafficking movement written by those who have something they just want to share. It could take the form of dissemination of breaking news, a passionate point of view, meaning for the writer conversing as though in a chat, navigating between different areas using links, commenting on subjects that are not commonly addressed that may spur alternative discussion, and the willingness to contemplate different and non-traditional ways of working in a field full of questions with few available answers.

MHTTF has three ways that we disseminate information over the Internet. The function of our Task ForceWeb Page is to share about information on the law, mission, membership, and resources.  Our Facebook page exhibits continuous coverage and updates on news releases globally, nationally, and within Michigan.  Voices of Change will be our third social media format that speaks to the heart in examining, seeking and giving opinions, and airing clarifying questions to allow for meaningful discourse not always addressed. 

I have the privilege of not only writing a welcome for this blog but the first official posting.  So read below, I want to dedicate my first post to those of you who are working in anti-trafficking.  It is to you about you and to all who work in any way in the anti-trafficking movement.

Jane P. White is the Director and Founder of the Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force, School of Criminal Justice, Michigan State University.